Hal with Clear Plastic Masks

Hal and Nashville newcomers, Clear Plastic Masks of Brooklyn brought the explosion indoors to Nashville’s famed Bomb Shelter studio,  blew the place up, and came out alive with an 11 song EP well worth bombarding your ears with.  Front man Andrew Katz co wrote the track ‘Hell Yeah’  with Hal and the band infused every song with the raw energy of an A-Bomb. This very controlled detonation is available for download now.hal

British Americana Project

Two flags unfurl in this collaboration between Texas born Doug Summers and the British American hit maker Rodger Cook. Flying their musical flags high in Nashville Tennessee backed by a band of merry friends, who just happen to be some of the finest pickers, pluckers and strummers available anywhere come together in a perfect storm and have created a seminal, classic work. Please enjoy…

Electric Guitar – Clive Gregson
Acoustic Guitar – Michael Sheehan
Bass Guitar – Michael Rhodes
Horns – Wayne Jackson
Percussion – Tony Newman
Vocals – Lucky Doug Summers
Background Vocals on Bad Karma Day – Katie Cookdoug